Focusing on Basics, Aligning Goals : Pankaj Gupta

Pankaj Gupta, Sr.EVP (Sales) and Chief Marketing Officer, HDFC Life shares insights on how the insurance world is aligning its marketing in the world...

Rethinking Insurance Marketing : Pankaj Gupta

In Conversation with Banking Frontiers Live, Pankaj Gupta, Sr.EVP (Sales) and Chief Marketing Officer, HDFC Life shares with Babu Nair, MD, and founder of...

Experiential Marketing

Trust is one of the most important factor when it comes to experience. Karthi Marshan explains how the modern payment products are more and more...

Walk the Talk – Shilpa Desai

Master Marketer Shilpa Desai from Fullerton Finance shares some interesting aspects around customer experience and how customer experience can be blended with empathy to...

The way forward – Shilpa Desai

Master Marketer Shilpa Desai, CMO at Fullerton Finance, shares interesting perspectives on NBFC Marketing. In an industry where maximum customers are rural and semi-urban, digital onboarding and...

Enriching Experience – Karthi Marshan

Karthi Kumar Marshan the Marketing Maestro of the Financial services sector and the CMO of Kotak Group share some insightful thoughts on how the...

Authenticity Agility and Ability – The Triple A Mantra

Banking Frontiers Live speaks with Deepali Naair, the CMO of IBM India and South Asia, on various topics ranging from Changing customer preferences, Changing role of...

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