A2C of cyber security – Securing Applications, API & credential abuse

Presenting a conversation with the CXOs of banks and NBFCs on the A2C of Cybersecurity and Customer Experience. The conversation throws light on how the manifold rise in digital transactions has given newer directions to adopt technologies with a combination of enhanced security and customer delight. API attacks, application attacks, and credential abuse have risen by leaps and bounds, and delivering scalable, and user-friendly technologies are the need of the hour. This session covers how CIOs and CISOs have planned not only to mitigate risks but at the same time, embrace new technologies to sustain growth and profitability. It discusses how organisations are speeding up innovations, improving service stability, introducing new UXs and also taking care of customer satisfaction to catapult them to newer heights. Discussions around how cloud has seen strong adoption in many organisations and a strong security and compliance strategy around cloud is also a covered this conversation. Watch experts from leading banks & NBFCs in India discuss their cybersecurity priorities for the near future and best practices in application and API security along with credential abuse.