Women Achievers


Shoma Narayanan | International Women’s Day

Locking one habit onto another is the technique that Shoma Narayanan, Executive Director - Group Strategic Marketing & Communications at DBS India, to speed...

Lalitha Bhatia | International Women’s Day

Lalitha Bhatia, Chief Operating Officer at Ageas Federal Life Insurance Company has relied on physical and spiritual strength to drive her career. She reveals...

Shikha Bagai | International Women’s Day

Shikha Bagai, Country Managing Director at Vistra Group, considers emotional intelligence to be necessary for driving people to implement intellectual solutions. She avers that...

Major Pratima Thomas | International Women’s Day

A life in the army surely teaches a few things about risk taking. Major Pratima Thomas, Head - HR at Fino Payments Bank learnt...

Ritu Nazir Raheja QBE | International Women’s Day

What reduces team stress, diffuses conflict and improves job satisfaction? Ritu Nazir, Chief Marketing Officer at Raheja QBE General Insurance Company, shares her take...

L Chiranthi Cooray | International Women’s Day

Chiranthi Cooray, Chief Transformation Officer at Hatton National Bank, relies on self-discipline and self-discovery to accelerate adoption of new habits. Find out what habits...

Mauli Bodiwala | International Women’s Day

Mauli Bodiwala, Asst General Manager – HR at The Kalupur Commercial Co-op Bank, talks about her uplifting journey; from frequently shifting her field to...

Ruchi Bubber | International Women’s Day

Always having a plan-B while taking risks, was the formula Ruchi Bubber had adopted for de-risking as she drove into diverse industries in search...

Mabel Chacko | International Women’s Day

Watch the story and learn lessons from Mabel Chacko, Co-founder & COO at Open Financial Technologies who took huge leaps in her personal and...

Namrata Sehgal | International Women’s Day

“Change your path as often as you want, but have clarity,” is the success formula adopted by Namrata Sehgal, Head - Marketing, Communication &...

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