Panel VI – The Next Big Risk | InsureNEXT 2022

Banking Frontiers hosted a panel discussion in which speakers discussed how everyone wishes to enhance their profit margins. What are the ramifications of doing...

Cloud Avatar

Mythology and movies tell us that when it is time to do something bold, we need a new leader, a new Avatar. For the...

Panel V – Innovation NEO Insurance, Insurtech and the new ecosystems | InsureNEXT 2022

Banking Frontiers hosted a panel discussion in which speakers discussed how the innovation agenda of an organisation becomes its driving force. How data can...

Panel Discussion I – Claims & Settlements in the digital era | InsureNEXT 2022

Banking Frontiers hosted a panel discussion wherein the panelists discussed current claims challenges, how they addressed them, how they outperformed their industry peers, and...

CEO panel | InsureNEXT – Unfolding Opportunities and Leapfrogging Challenges

Banking Frontiers organized a panel discussion with CEOs in the insurance sector to help the industry better understand some critical challenges. They explained how...

Where Vision Meets Innovation – Finnovation Maestros Series

Shriram Capital has been a strong Financial Services Conglomerate with interested in Transport Financing, Housing, NBFC, Chit Funds, Insurance and Much more. In this conversation...

Simplifying Complete Security

The growing variety of IT systems in a bank and the growing variety of threats are two waves that are creating a tsunami of...

Redefining Conversations, Accelerating Experience

Conversations have been an integral part of business, whether it is for enrolment, troubleshooting, negotiation, intermediation, complaint resolution, or something else. These conversations do...

Automation Next A Quantum Jump In Creativity And Innovation

Several platforms such as electricity, mobiles, cloud, etc, have pushed the frontiers of human and organizational capabilities. A recent platform that is making waves...

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