Accelerating the Innovations Engine

Automation has become an everyday reality but with a new definition to it. Automation has reached a level where not only the application but the underlining environment also gets automated with real-time provisions. Implementation challenges include getting the speed and agility in the organisation. Future tweaks to a developed application appear to be another challenge. It all depends on whether the organisation has the access to the source code or whether you are dependent on the collaborative partner. If you are the owner of the source code, tweaking is easier and possible. Jitendra Agrawal of HDFC LIFE, Surajit Roy of IDBI Intech Ltd. Murtuza Jadliwala of Indusind IT, Rajan Chhabria of IBM, Sachin Londhe of DATAMATO, Listen to the innovators, technologists, and bankers as they embark on their new journey.