Fast Tracking the Rise Series – A Banking Perspective

The banking segment, as a whole, is transforming by bringing in more agility and scalability into the infrastructure. Banks are also actively taking advantage of technology, analytics while giving topmost priority to security in line with the compliances laid out by the regulators. The amalgamation of major banks threw open a new set of challenges and opportunities at the same time. The core focus remains on transformation, adaptation, and integration. The challenges of choosing from the available solution, integrating interoperability, ensuring security and scalability are critical. The pandemic has made banks to have a relook at their offerings. One key property was how to extend the branch experience to digital customers. AI was infused in customer touchpoints to address this parameter. Enterprise IT is always considered to be superior to consumer-grade IT. As Enterprise IT developed, it became more complex, more customised with the result that each bank ecosystem became unique. On the other hand, consumer-grade IT became standardised, interoperable, and thus creating an ecosystem of innovation. Cloud helps fast pacing the migration as it is designed to accommodate the complexities. As the volume of data is constantly increasing, the cloud promises that elasticity and agility to handle these hurdles with the changing data volumes. The future holds for Cloud, 5G, and IoT. Globally, there is a movement towards Platform Banking, and India may also join the bandwagon. Catch Babu Nair of Banking Frontiers in an in-depth conversation with technology and banking experts like Kamolika Peres of Google Cloud, Avinash Shukla of UCO Bank, TR Venkateshwaran of Punjab National Bank, Asheesh Pandey of Union Bank of India, and Lalit Mohan of IDRBT on how the banking segment is leapfrogging into the future.