Fast Tracking the Rise Series Data the Real Asset – A Fintech Perspective

Fintech’s come with the strong foundations of Data and technology. Data is no longer a part of the business strategy, but it is today the core strategy. The cloud plays a critical role in acquiring, managing, and exploiting this data to the best possible use. The exponential increase in the volume of data has enabled Fintechs in redefining customer experience. Multiple sources of data and varied ways of analyzing data have evolved to producing real-time data now.  AI-integrated algorithms have made a huge difference in shaping the customer experience. The way forward would include getting into predictive collections, analysis helping financial institutions to gauge the predictive repayment capabilities, etc. Besides this, there is a sizeable growth being witnessed in in vernacular-enabled applications, which will further help organisations in product innovations. Listen to @VijayAggarwal of Bharatpay @MiteshAgarwal of Google cloud @SamirBhatia of SME Corner @ParomaChatterjee of Lendingkart @AmitabhTewari of Razorpay @HARIRAJAGOPAL of Samunnati @SrivathsVaradharajan as they unravel the trends in the Fintech segment during  the webinar themed ‘DATA The REAL ASSET – A Fintech Perspective.’