Nomination Invite To FCBTA 2021

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The world has redefined itself and is not going to be the same again. The Cooperative sector which has undergone a sea of change in the past few months is today forced to look into totally new realms of business in this digital world aided by social distancing. The regulators have aligned with the government to work out packages for the industries to cope up and at the same time, the banks will also see a new way in which they are governed.

The banks are under the dilemma to do a balancing activity of supporting the economy on one hand while at the same time, they have to keep their asset stress under control with proper risk management. Deployment of funds is a skillful art in such circumstances. Welcome to the world of New Normal and it calls for out of the box strategies to rework the people, products, processes and technology strategies to ensure the survival and growth of the sector. Needless to say, FCBA 2021 the 14th Edition of your favourite FCBA Awards and the National co-operative Banking summit is scheduled to be held Digitally to be in line with the New Normal keeping in mind the safety and wellbeing of the sector and the participants.

The Celebration to recognise the unique contribution to the sector has to happen for sure, though the method in which we do can always be relooked at. We have chosen to make it Digital and global.