Data Liquidity 2021

When snow on mountains liquifies and gives birth to rivers, it nourishes life. When iron ore is liquified to make iron, numerous useful tools can be created. Cash liquidity multiplies and distributes wealth. In the digital economy, can data liquidity be the new frontier of progress? Can it unleash innovation, commerce, savings, investments, and more? How do we liquify data into the BFSI industry and ensure a smooth & a secured flow of data. All this was discussed by the industry stalwarts like Prashant Deshpande, CISO from Shriram Transport Finance, K V Dipu, President Operation, Digital & CX, at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, Khursheed Muzaffar, CISO at Jammu & Kashmir Bank, KM Reddy, CISO at Union Bank of India, Navneethan M, CISO, from Groww and Tarun Chatterjee, Director Solutions Engineering, from ORACLE. The session was moderated by Banking Frontiers Group Editor Manoj Agrawal.