Evaluating the key Funding & Financial Paradigms for innovations | Technoviti 2021

Know more about How the investors are looking at Fintech Markets in India and what are their strategies. The Fintech Ecosystem is growing Globally and India is being a hub for Tech Innovations. Looking at the current IT Infrastructure in India, What are the next steps of the Investment firms and Venture Capitalists towards funding in India? Know More about this from a Powerpack Global Panel of experts speakers like Anuradha Ramachandra, Director from Flourish Global Fintech Venture Firm, with Amitansh Gupta, Director, Partner Services & Analytics of Cover Genius, and Syed Musheer Ahmed, Founder & MD from Finstep Asia accompanying him there is David Gyori, Founding Member of World Fintech Association and Anand Datta, VP from Nexus Venture Partners where the Panel is moderated by Sachin Seth, Partner-Fintech & Digital Leader, EY