In Conversation with Mr. Satyajit Tripathy

The Indian Insurance Industry is growing at a faster pace, with a view to providing security to every citizen of the country. There are lots of new changes being brought in, by the Regulator IRDAI, to ensure that it scales, a new high, in penetration across. It becomes crucial for us to understand the view of the Thought Leaders of the Industry, at this juncture, We are presenting our first initiative in this direction, an interaction with Mr. Satyajit Tripathy CMD of United India Insurance by Ravi Seshadri, an Academician and a Senior general Insurance professional. Mr.Trpathy speaks of the current trends, the use of Artificial Intelligence in Insurance, the impact foreseen, due to regulatory changes, the outlook of the Reinsurance market, the Industry-Academia interaction, and the industry preparedness for the future.

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