Insights on: Next Evolution in Enterprise Data ( N.E.E.D ) – John Duigenan

In this insightful discussion at SIBOS 2023, Babu Nair engages John Duigenan, the head of banking and financial services at IBM, in a conversation about the Next Evolution in Enterprise Data (N.E.E.D). They delve into the challenges surrounding data, particularly dealing with massive silos of data and the importance of understanding, organizing, and utilizing it effectively.

John emphasizes the necessity of moving beyond regulatory compliance and harnessing the power of data to enhance customer experiences, streamline employee productivity, and modernize outdated platforms. They also address the importance of open, trusted, targeted, and empowering generative AI solutions.

John highlights IBM’s approach to providing AI that is not only accurate but also free from bias. The conversation underscores the significance of managing and integrating data across diverse sources and the value of bringing AI to the data, rather than the other way around.

Overall, the discussion offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of data in the financial industry.

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