Insights On Embedded Finance & Digital Transformation

In this engaging conversation during the SIBOS 2023 event, you’ll hear from two distinguished figures in the financial services sector: Shankar Ramamurthy, Global Managing Partner for Banking and Financial Markets at IBM Consulting, and Hans Tesselaar, Executive Director of the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN).

The discussion centers on the findings of an extensive study involving over 1,000 senior banking executives and 12,000 consumers worldwide, culminating in a report titled “Embedded Finance: Creating the Everyday, Everywhere Bank.” This illuminating conversation also touches upon the critical transition to transformation within the banking sector.

Discover the objectives behind this collaborative effort involving IBM, Red Hat, and BIAN, which aims to foster increased collaboration and partnership within the financial ecosystem. Gain insights into the integral role of standards, ecosystems, and partnerships in shaping the future of banking.

The conversation delves into the five key findings from the study, highlighting the significance of embedded finance and the challenges faced by banks. Learn about Cordless 3.0, a key initiative designed to aid banks in transitioning to the next generation of technology.

They also provide a comprehensive overview of the essential role that exponential technologies, hybrid cloud computing, advanced analytics, and generative AI play in meeting customer expectations and demands. Explore how financial institutions are adapting to the ever-evolving landscape and offering tailor-made solutions to their customers. Stay tuned to learn more about the future of financial technology and the transformative power of collaboration. Subscribe now to stay informed about the latest trends in the financial services industry.

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