FinBizness provides you a set of opportunities to promote your offerings to the BFSI sector. These opportunities come with different levels of measurability and reach as it enables you to understand the ROI which you will derive out of these activities.

With FinBizness, you can integrate your advertisements into our rich content videos and get that ecosystem edge which together will give you a perfect ROI and mindshare. These offerings are grouped into Advertisements, Co-created conversations, Amplifications and Documentaries.

Advertisement in videos

You can post video advertisements of your choice videos where you have 10 seconds advertisements playing either before, in the mid or post the content video which will be amplified and sent across the targeted audience.

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Amplify Hosting Videos

Should you have your own videos or you have some existing videos or ads of yourself of your partners which you wish to amplify, FinBizness can offer the package for hosting the same and amplifying it for you in our platform.

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Co-created Conversations Premium

Co-created conversations are a strategic tool where we combine our domain and understand partner offerings to create enrolling content.

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Documentaries Premium

Documentaries are applicable for creating 360 degree perspective of a topic. thought leadership, sharing testimonials, user inputs and footages of case studies.

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Featured Videos

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