Reset Ready: The Digital way – Deepak Sharma & Kunal Kaul

The first episode of the DIGITAL LEADERSHIP series features Deepak Sharma the Chief Digital officer of Kotak Bank with Babu Nair of Banking Frontiers and Kunal Kaul the Director Enterprise form CISCO. This video derives deep insights on how the demands and customer preferences are changing post the new normal and how are banks redefining their strategies to adhere to this. It also speaks about how the digital experience is going to change rapidly and how the most adaptable and not the fastest or the most innovative will win. It speaks about how the workforce of the future will be like and what are the performance metrics there. It also shares how the technology world is gearing up to equip the BFSI sector with Security, Adaptability, scalability and robustness with experience by being versatile. A must watch for Heads of Digital, Retail, Technology, Corporate, Security and HR heads.