Megafinancing with Microfinance | Sadaf Sayeed

Microfinancing and rural lending has saved many lives in the rural population during tough times. Companies like Muthoot Microfin has disbursed loans worth over...

Engaging Regulators & Enhancing Possibilities : Joseph Cleetus

As a part of the Middle East Conversation series on Digital Leadership, Joseph Cleetus, Head of Business Transformation, Lulu International Exchange speaks about the...

Micro Monitor not Micro Manage : Joseph Cleetus

Technology has enabled people to make money transfers using the Mobile App. However, in the Middle East region, customers prefer the physical experience of...

The Digital Future for Banks : Deepak Sharma

As a part of the Digital Leadership Series, Deepak Sharma, the Chief Digital Officer at Kotak Mahindra Bank joins in a conversation with Babu...

Visionary Leadership & Outstanding delivery : Sunita Handa

Sunita Handa, the CGM of IT Operations and Digital channels at State Bank of India in a fireside chat with Babu Nair from Banking...

Leadership is Learn All Not Know All

KV Dipu the President of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance in conversation with Babu Nair, Publisher of Banking Frontiers as a part of Digital Leadership...

Digital Leapfrogging

A crisis can always lead to new opportunities. This is what transpired at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, where the digital team under the leadership...

Agile Transformation – Sunita Handa & Kunal Kaul

Surviving and thriving in a tough situation calls for Transformation with Agility. India’s largest bank SBI has chosen to transform towards digital excellence to...

Reset Ready: The Digital way – Deepak Sharma & Kunal Kaul

The first episode of the DIGITAL LEADERSHIP series features Deepak Sharma the Chief Digital officer of Kotak Bank with Babu Nair of Banking Frontiers...

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