Digital Leapfrogging

A crisis can always lead to new opportunities. This is what transpired at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, where the digital team under the leadership of K.V. Dipu redefined the world of engagement with its customers digitally and thereby made it possible to better their business and enhance the experience. The company launched numerous digital initiatives including DigiSwasth and Farmmitra which earned awards in India and globally. Customer complaints dipped by 90% and 80% of customer engagements transformed to digital channels – quite a notable achievement.

K.V. Dipu, President – Operations, and Digital at Bajaj Allianz, who is also a 6 Sigma Black Belt, is the Digital Leader who is featured in this edition of Digital Leadership series in conversation with Babu Nair along with Shivakumar Y, Director for Enterprise Major Business at Cisco. This session is brought to you with our concept partner Cisco. Happy watching and learning!