Exclusive Panel – Ecosystem NEXT | Technoviti 2021

Fintech is a rapidly growing industry that will continue being developed and fine-tuned in 2020 to be more secure and satisfy customers. Fintechs are the New Trends! Let’s take a global outlook about How has the investment scenario into the Fintechs transformed since the last year in your ecosystem and in your observation? What is more in demand? Is it more of amalgamation or acquisition or is it more of investment? And Why? Are people interested in taking advantage of the Lower valuations? What kind of investment environment do you see conducive to the Fintechs and what kind of regulatory and government support do you seek?

Get to know more about this and a lot more from the global pool of experts like Nir Netzer, Chairman of Israeli FinTech Association with Don Ginsel, Founder & CEO of Holland Fintech along with Pralhad Giri, Dy Director from Nepal Rastra Bank and accompanying them we have Vikram Pandya, Director Fintech from SP Jain with Arjun Bhaskaran, Country Representative – India & Middle East of Gammasec Ltd. along with Rajkumar Kanagasingam, President, Fintech Association of Srilanka and Sweta Shetty, Startup Mentor & Former MD of Startup Bootcamp who will be moderating the panel discussion.