Riding The Growth Wave | Raul Rebello

Riding the growth wave: Babu Nair in Conversation with Raul Rebello, COO Mahindra Finance.

Mr. Raul Rebello, COO of Mahindra Finance speaks about his experience in riding the growth wave with Mahindra Finance where he shares how the NBFC has maximized the Post Covid windfall business and built stronger strategies around it to multiply the business to achieve growth number much higher than the industry norms. He talks about the Technology trends & how regulators have empowered NBFCs with a better landscape to accelerate their business. He also enlightens how Mahindra Finance looks at the major areas of growth with a Major focus on Auto ancillary, Engineering & Agribusiness. He discusses how the strategy of Mahindra to set up a separate division to look at New and Fintech-based businesses and cater to the needs of SMEs and sunrise businesses is giving promising results.

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