Panel IV – E Regulations, Compliance, and Technology | NBFC 2022

A panel discussion on “E Regulations, Compliance and Technology: A Peek into the Changing Regulations and the Role of Technologies” in facilitating compliance was taken up alongside the NBFC Tomorrow Conclave by Banking Frontiers.

It discusses emerging regulations around newer FinTech engagements and new business lines that are redefining businesses and how technologies are playing an important role in structuring the same.

The power-packed panel discussion on included the Moderator:

  • Mr Sunil Sharma, FIAI FIA, President–Chief Actuary & CRO, Kotak Life Insurance,
  • Ms Mallika Mittal, Chief Risk Officer, Mahindra Finance,
  • Mr Siddharth Vishwanathan Risk Officer, KreditBee,
  • Mr Deepak Patkar, Chief Risk Officer, Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd. Credit Company,
  • Mr Deep Pal Singh, Chief Risk Officer – Aditya Birla Finance Limited,
  • Mr. Rajaram Manian B, Chief Risk Officer, Adani Capital,
  • Mr Ankur Maheshwari, Chief Financial Officer, Freo

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