Panel IV – CEO Session- The Roadmap to 2025

In this panel discussion, the panelist spoke about the future of the insurance sector. The insurance industry in India has seen a drastic change resulting in a complete makeover. The sector aims to get digital globally and for this, a vision for 2025 has been set under which a 3D approach has been adopted. The panellists also emphasize adopting the AAA approach by which they can focus on awareness, accessibility, and affordability. The 3 Ds of Insurance which are related to distribution, digitalization and diversification, the aim is to take the insurance sector to the remotest area of India so that they can feel as safe and secure as a person from a metropolitan city feels after buying an insurance policy. Apart from the upcoming time, the panel also highlights the possible problems that can arise in the near future which can become a hindrance to the growth of this insurance sector.

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