Blending Experience With Tech The Kotak Cherry Way! – Srikanth Subramanian

In a recent interview with Babu Nair, Founder & MD of Banking Frontiers, Srikanth Subramanian, CEO of Kotak Cherry, shared insights into the company’s journey as a technology platform and its mission to democratize access to wealth management services. With a unique approach that combines domain expertise and cutting-edge technology, Kotak Cherry has been able to enhance the delivery and experience of wealth management services for its clients. Srikanth also discussed current trends in the wealth tech and fintech sectors, including the growing adoption of technology for account aggregation and the use of high-quality data to improve customer service. He also shared his perspective on the consolidation that is likely to occur in the industry and how a customer-first approach will differentiate companies from their competitors. Join us for this engaging conversation as Srikanth delves into the power of technology and domain expertise in making wealth management accessible to everyone.

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