The Challenger Banker – Andrew Moor

Join us in this captivating interview with Andrew Moor, President & CEO of Equitable Bank, as he shares valuable insights into the banking industry’s evolution. From positioning as a challenger bank to navigating technology transformations, Andrew discusses the unique approach Equitable Bank has taken since its establishment in 2014. Learn how Equitable Bank, now the seventh-largest bank in Canada, thrives on innovation, adapts to market challenges, and focuses on customer-centric solutions. Gain a deeper understanding of the bank’s strategies in attracting and retaining diverse customer demographics, especially immigrants and the younger population.
Delve into the role of technology in Equitable Bank Bank’s success, from cloud-based operations to partnerships with tech giants like Microsoft. Discover how the bank utilizes fintech collaborations, including the integration with Wise, to offer cutting-edge solutions. Andrew sheds light on Equitable Bank’s emphasis on small businesses, real-time payments, and the transformative potential of open banking. Explore the CEO’s perspectives on building trust, brand credibility, and the bank’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

Join Banking Frontiers in this engaging conversation that provides a roadmap for the future of banking, driven by technological advancements, customer empowerment, and a commitment to positive change.

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