Riding the Wealth Upsurge-Capitalizing opportunities, Diversifying Risks. Amit Goel

In this enlightening discussion on Banking Frontiers Live, Amit Goel, Co-founder & Chief Global Strategist of Pace 360, offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of wealth management. Hosted by Mr. Nair, the conversation explores investment trends, risk management, and emerging asset classes.

Mr. Goel highlights Pace 360’s macro top-down approach to asset management, emphasizing the importance of identifying attractive investment opportunities across different asset classes and geographies. He discusses the current market’s late-stage boom cycle and the trend among investors to diversify into fixed income and precious metals.

The conversation also addresses emerging asset classes like tokenized real estate and cryptocurrencies, emphasizing the need for investors to balance exposure to traditional and alternative assets. Mr. Goel explores the global investment outlook for Indian investors and discusses the transformative role of technology in streamlining operations and enhancing decision-making.

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