Compliance In The Digital Era Christos Christou

Join us in this enlightening episode of Banking Frontiers Live as we delve into the multifaceted realm of compliance in the fast-paced world of financial services. Our distinguished guest, Mr. Christos Christou, Group Chief Compliance Officer at Lulu Financial Services, offers invaluable insights on the evolution of compliance amidst the wave of technological innovations and ever-shifting regulatory terrains.

In our candid conversation, Christos unravels the complexities of the industry, emphasizing the significance of compliance, especially within the payments and remittances sectors. We touch upon the transformative impact of emerging technologies, such as blockchain, and discuss the essence of fostering a customer-centric ethos in today’s digital age. Discover the synergies between technology and finance and understand how they can act as catalysts, propelling businesses forward in a compliant and innovative manner.

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