Safeguarding Microfinance Banking from Cyber Threats

Banking Frontiers, in association with knowledge partner Palo Alto Networks, brings you a must-watch fireside chat on safeguarding microfinance banking from cyber threats.

Join industry experts Dr. L.S. Subramanian (Advisory Board & Research Editor, Banking Frontiers) and Huzefa Motiwala (Director, Systems Engineering, India and SAARC, Palo Alto Networks) for an insightful discussion on: RBI’s tightening grip on microfinance regulations: Understand the impact of stricter regulatory standards and enforcement of master directions.

Compliance strategies for MFBs: Discover practical steps microfinance banks can take to ensure adherence to RBI’s guidelines.

Building robust IT governance: Learn how MFBs, with their unique size and resource limitations, can strengthen their IT infrastructure and align with larger banks’ standards.

The Palo Alto Networks advantage: Explore how partnering with Palo Alto Networks can help MFBs meet RBI’s compliance requirements and fortify their defenses.

This fireside chat offers valuable insights for microfinance institutions, regulators, and anyone interested in financial cybersecurity.

Don’t miss out! Watch the full discussion now and gain the knowledge to safeguard your microfinance bank from cyberattacks.

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