LENDING – New Business Models

Thanks to covid, every lender is now exploring newer ways to serve existing customers and attract new customers. It’s not just customer engagement, even...

Exclusive Panel – Ecosystem NEXT | Technoviti 2021

Fintech is a rapidly growing industry that will continue being developed and fine-tuned in 2020 to be more secure and satisfy customers. Fintechs are...

Automation Next A Quantum Jump In Creativity And Innovation

Several platforms such as electricity, mobiles, cloud, etc, have pushed the frontiers of human and organizational capabilities. A recent platform that is making waves...

Shikha Bagai | International Women’s Day

Shikha Bagai, Country Managing Director at Vistra Group, considers emotional intelligence to be necessary for driving people to implement intellectual solutions. She avers that...

Data Centers – The Highpoint of Technology Maturity | Nikhil Rathi

Handling large data, data security, skill shortage, lack of process and system to handle data, multiple data storages, data integration, data governance, data analysis,...

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