Ever Evolving Ecosystem | Benny Tadele

Not only are real-time payments booming everywhere, but they are also transforming the nature of business and the relationships between buyers and sellers. Banking...

Innovating with Speed and Scalability | Darshana Shah

In an interactive conversation called Technology Trendsetters Series Darshana Shah, CDO, and Head of Marketing at Aditya Birla Health Insurance, discusses the best way...

Prasanna Lohar in the Technology Wonderland

Prasanna has completed 7 years at DCB Bank. As he begins his 8th year at the bank, Banking Frontiers interviews him to understand his...

Experience – The center point | Kunal Varma – Freo

In Conversation with Banking Frontiers on the corner office with Kunal Verma the Co-Founder, Freo is formerly known as MoneyTap Highlighted the way forward...

Securing Cloud – The Metallic Way | Anshuman Rai

When the world has gone digital & and cloud has proven to be the best tool for all data-related activities. To secure the cloud...

Revolutionizing payments with Technology | Ankit Bhatnagar, MSwipe

Fin-Techs have made huge strides in the recent technology spurt pushing many companies like MSwipe to grab new opportunities aggressively. Future of the payments...

AI Everywhere | Sanjay Thawakar

Artificial Intelligence has now become a part of our daily lifestyle. AI is everywhere, right from our computers to smartwatches, mobile phones & of...

Business Approaches to Succeed in AI

Manoj Agrawal takes up 5 key issues about AI with Whit Andrews, VP & Distinguished Analyst at Gartner: (i) Success rate of AI projects...

Srilankan Banking – Marching to the Future | Dr. W A Wijewardena

Public transportation was used in Sri Lanka to increase cash liquidity amongst customers during the pandemic. Tech has helped the Sri Lankan banking fraternity...

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