Focus on Building Trust : Suhail Sameer

Success and growth of any FinTech primarily depends on a combination of factors such as innovation, the range of products, consumer engagement and building trust backed by a strong team who can support all of this. Payments and lending are two key areas that major players concentrate on. Heavy investments in AI and ML by organisations enable them to understand and analyse the customer needs and the repayment capabilities of the customer. Unlike the conventional banking organisations which follow the legacy route, the digital platform helps organisations to realise repayment capabilities of the customer, in a shorter timeframe. Infusion of AI and ML plays a critical role in this. Growth and development are fueled if there is a stringent network existence for the organisation. Customising and display of an array of offerings is also important to attract and retain the merchants within the organization. Launching the zero transaction fee card acceptance machine in India was a significant step taken by BharatPe. Suhail Sameer, Group President, BharatPe speaks at length on the successful road taken by the organisation and the future plans for the company. Catch Babu Nair, Group Publisher, Banking Frontiers in conversation with Suhail Sameer.