Global Fintech Festival- A Curtain Raiser

Mr. Babu Nair, Founder & MD, Banking Frontiers converses with Navin Surya, Advisory Member of the Global Fintech Festival, highlighting Mumbai’s premier financial technology event. Anticipating 50,000+ attendees, this festival emerges as an epitome of India’s thriving fintech scene, connecting industry leaders, innovators, and investors. With the goal to showcase India’s innovation on a global platform, the event is backed by robust collaborations, including partnerships with countries like Israel, Germany, and Australia. Catering to broad audience, from students to professionals, the festival offers myriad opportunities for engagement, knowledge-sharing, and networking. An unparalleled experience awaits at the Global Fintech Festival. Learn more about what is in store for the enterprising Fintechs, investors, bankers, insurers, and all the key ecosystem players at GFF from 5th Sept – 7th Sept 2023. Stay tuned!