Exclusive Panel – Ecosystem NEXT | Technoviti 2021

Fintech is a rapidly growing industry that will continue being developed and fine-tuned in 2020 to be more secure and satisfy customers. Fintechs are...

CEO Panel: Building the Unicorn NEXT | Technoviti 2021

From a Startup to a scale-up and then a Unicorn! Look at how Building platforms can leapfrog fintech innovations! What kind of Ecosystems are...

Building the Tech Foundation for Fintechs Next! | Technoviti 2021

In the new Era of rising Fintechs take a look at How to Channel the right technology for a persistence flow of processes? After...

Fintrend Setters NEXT – New tech trends amidst the pandemic | Technoviti 2021

A Year Ago, the Entire Fintech, Bigtech & Financial Industry has undergone turmoil. Take a look at how Tapping into The Impending Era of...

Evaluating the key Funding & Financial Paradigms for innovations | Technoviti 2021

Know more about How the investors are looking at Fintech Markets in India and what are their strategies. The Fintech Ecosystem is growing Globally...

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