RE Hashing Business Strategies for Rise and Experience | NCBS & FCBA 2022

In a panel discussion titled ‘Re-Hashing Business Strategies for Rise and Experience’ at FCBA 2022, industry experts discussed the current business scenario among the coop banks, pressure from the regulatory bodies, competition from just peers but from web tech, fintech, and other entities, a roadmap for the future, etc. The power-packed panel discussion included Narender Singh Dabi, MD, Adarsh Cooperative Bank, Vijay Kurankar, CEO Ambarnath Jaihind Co-operative Bank, Suhas Patil, Senior Director, Finacle India, Mandar Vartak, CEO, IT Raigad DCCB and Arjun Bhaskaran, CTO, Fintech Venture. Moderator: Vikrant Ponkshe, CEO, Being Catalyst.