Technology Frontiers 2024: The Microservices era of Modernization

Embark on a transformative journey into the future of banking technology with Financial Technology Frontiers. In a riveting discussion, meet Mr. Vaidyanathan V, CIO of Unity Small Finance Bank, India’s newest banking entrant. With a rich legacy in technology and financial services, Mr. Vaidyanathan, unveils the success story of Unity Bank’s revolutionary core banking in just 88 days, embracing a cutting-edge microservices architecture.

Diving into the challenges and triumphs, Mr. Vaidyanathan sheds light on the imperative of staying ahead in the technology race. Addressing the critical role of hyper-personalization and generative AI, he outlines Unity Bank’s roadmap for the future. Cloud strategies, data privacy, and the evolving landscape of payment systems take center stage as Unity Bank positions itself as a leader in digital banking.

Stay tuned for more insightful conversations as Financial Technology Frontiers explores the dynamic intersection of technology and finance in the ever-evolving world of banking.

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