Transforming Sri Lankan payments landscape-Channa de Silva

Join us in a captivating discussion on the payment landscape in Sri Lanka, a nation that has been at the forefront of payments innovation since 2006. In this episode of Banking Frontiers Live where Mr. Channa de Silva, CEO of LankaPay, provides insightful perspectives on the challenges and opportunities faced in the payments industry. From addressing the preference for cash in a predominantly prepaid mobile market to overcoming fraud challenges, Sri Lanka’s payment evolution is a fascinating journey.

Discover how LankaPay navigates international connectivity challenges, creating seamless integration with diverse countries. The discussion also touches on the importance of shared KYC (Know Your Customer) initiatives and innovations like QR codes to bridge the digital divide, especially among small merchants.

As Sri Lanka balances legacy systems with digital transformation, the conversation unfolds into the trending technologies shaping the nation’s payment landscape. From the use of digital signatures to automate document processes to envisioning an entirely digital value chain, Sri Lanka’s approach to payments is both pragmatic and forward-thinking.

Don’t miss this insightful episode exploring the past, present, and future of payments in Sri Lanka, a nation on the cutting edge of financial technology.

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