AI & ML Propels the Next Digital Transformation

The enlightening discussion from NBFC Tomorrow Conference 2023, moderated by Sushil Thakur (EY India), with renowned industry leaders including Poonam Vijay Thakkar (NITI Ayog), Smitesh Shah (Ambit Finvest), Samir Mohanty (Avanse Financial Services), Mandakini Kumari (Vivriti Capital), Mathew Panat (HDB Financial Services), and Nilay Kothari (LenDenClub).

This insightful panel dissects how AI and ML are reshaping the very fabric of the NBFC sector. As the digital wave advances, our experts delve into the innovations and transformative paths AI and ML are charting for the industry. Discover the groundbreaking changes these technologies promise and their potential to redefine the future of financial services. Dive deep into the next chapter of digital evolution in NBFCs.