Seamless interconnection to boost transaction banking : Shekhar Mullatti

Traditionally, banks did not invest in corporate banking and focus more on the retail banking side due to the large number of customers on...

Innovating with Agility | Amit Purohit

What every BFSI company wants is frictionless customer acquisition - from selecting product all the way upto payment, says Amit Purohit, VP & Chief...

Market Maximisation – with Lav | Lav Chaturvedi, Reliance Securities

Make hay while the market shines, let's know the market hacks, strategies & future roadmaps of the securities market. Watch more about it in...

Revolutionizing payments with Technology | Ankit Bhatnagar, MSwipe

Fin-Techs have made huge strides in the recent technology spurt pushing many companies like MSwipe to grab new opportunities aggressively. Future of the payments...

Experiential Technologies What’s Next? | Dharmender Narang

In a world where the customer is the king and technology is an Eminent Driver for transformation. How to use technology as a tool...

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