Nurturing Paytech With Valleyfintechpay – Lanny Byers and Sumit Arora

ValleyFintechPay is an Arizona-based ecosystem that acts as a Connecting tissue that binds the PaymentTech, Financial Services, and the investors into a community. In this conversation with Babu Nair- The Founder and MD of Banking Frontiers and Financial Technology Frontiers, Sumit Arora & Lanny Byers- the Founding Board Members of ValleyFintechPay share deep insights.

They share about the fundamental vision of the association. They unveil the future roadmap, the strategic activities, and the opportunities presented by ValleyFintechPay. They also dwell upon the future trends in the business of payments and how they are playing a vital role in shaping the future while supporting the ecosystem. They also highlight how the region is emerging as a valued destination for FinTech’s by presenting numerous opportunities and facilities to catapult these businesses.

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