From security to trust the new digital normal

Information security is rising from a technology perspective to a business perspective and is therefore being seen as a trust issue. Banking Frontiers organized...

Redefining Data Experience

Data, naturally, takes pre-eminence in the new digital era. It is the key resource. AI, Real-time Analytics, Chatbots & Enhanced CX - all these...

Strategies For An Insta World

The new normal has radically transformed the banking sector. Making a shift to a digital-first model with new product innovations like video KYC, cardless...

PSU Banking 2.0 Merge & Surge

Several PSU Banks have formally merged, but the actual merger in terms of technology, human capital, digital transformation, product rationalization, etc, is in process....

Adaptive Cybersecurity – Applying the Theory of Evolution

With advances in knowledge and technology, cyberspace is increasingly beginning to resemble nature. Like nature, it is full of diversity, competition, ongoing transformation and...

3D Economy Data Digital & Disruption

Data, Digital & Disruption have become the 3 dimensions of the new ecosystem in which everyone must play. Some players are agile in one...

3V Boost for Application Capital

Just like Big Data, there is now a surge in Volume, Variety & Velocity of applications, creating challenges as well as new opportunities. Business is now...

From Security to Trust – The New Digital Normal

Cyber security by is becoming insufficient to grow business and enroll more customers in the digital world. The new baseline is Trust. Banking Frontiers...

Thwarting Fraud Automation

All kinds of companies are profiting through automation - and so are the hackers. BFSI organizations today are facing a Tsunami of automated cyber-attacks such...

Next 4 Banks – Exploring Competitive Advantage

Banks are gold mines of structured and unstructured data, that they use for creating superior products and delivering superior experience. Collaboration between data-rich and data-poor...

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