From Security to Trust The New Digital Normal

In light of work from home as the new normal, the increasing cyber attacks and the rapid escalation in use of digital channels, the...

Operations Boost over 3V Challenges

Just like data, business processes too are facing the triple challenges of Volume of Applications, Variety of Technologies, and Velocity of Processes, ie, the...

CTO in Wonderland

CTOs have been working particularly hard during the covid lockdown to cope up with the surging demand for business continuity and digital transformation. To...

A2C of cyber security – Securing Applications, API & credential abuse

Presenting a conversation with the CXOs of banks and NBFCs on the A2C of Cybersecurity and Customer Experience. The conversation throws light on how...

From Security to Trust – The New Digital Normal

Cyber security by is becoming insufficient to grow business and enroll more customers in the digital world. The new baseline is Trust. Banking Frontiers...

From security to trust the new digital normal

Information security is rising from a technology perspective to a business perspective and is therefore being seen as a trust issue. Banking Frontiers organized...

Coupling IT Agility with Business Agility

Agility is at the core of extreme digital experience that customers seek. However, digital experiences can also be fragile, resulting from monolithic systems, siloed...

Webinar: Pati, Patni aur Lockdown

Sunday May 3rd is a very special day as it marked the end of lockdown for many Indians, though not all. It is also...

NBFC Bottomline 2021 Fortify With DATA & TECH

The covid crisis and moratorium have severely hurt the NBFC sector, leading to eroded bottomlines. This has created an urgent need to tighten up...

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